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Announcing Addy Osmani, Sara Soueidan, Patrick Hamann

We are excited to announce our final three speakers, completing this year’s line-up. Welcome to Addy Osmani, Sara Soueidan and Patrick Hamann! We can’t wait to see them on stage in Berlin.

Sara Soueidan

Sara Soueidan is a freelance web developer from Lebanon known for her great demos and in-depth writing for A List Apart, Dev.Opera and Codrops. In her talk “Styling and Animating Scalable Vector Graphics with CSS" Sara will share her knowledge about the gotchas, bugs, and tips to help you get started with CSS and SVGs.

Patrick Hamann

Patrick Hamann is a London-based developer, speaker and organiser working as a senior client-side engineer at The Guardian. In his talk "CSS and the Critical Path” Patrick will teach you how to best optimise and monitor each stage of the critical path to create fast, jank free websites.

Addy Osmani

Addy Osmani is a Google engineer, author and speaker well-known in the community for his involvement in projects like Yeoman, Polymer or Web Starter Kit. Building on Patrick’s talk he will introduce you to the bleeding edge tools that will keep your CSS on the fast path.

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