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Announcing CSSconf 2015

In September 2014, over 300 people from around the world gathered in Berlin for CSSconf EU. The conference gave the CSS community a home for one weekend, brought curious and open-minded people together, and helped to spark inspiration, advance knowledge, and create new connections.

Take a look back and watch the CSSconf EU 2014 video here.

The happy faces of our attendees, the tweets, photos, blog posts and personal feedback we received are what fuels us, what makes the many hours of volunteer work and planning we put into it more than worthwhile. And guess what – we can’t wait to make it happen again in 2015!

CSSconf is back!

CSSConf EU 2015 will take place on Saturday, September 26, 2015. Once again, we’ll share the venue – Radialsystem V – with JSconf and Reject JS, so be prepared for a week full of exciting events.  

Ticket sales will begin February 3. Like last year, combination tickets for CSSConf and JSconf will be available. We’ll have more details for you early next year – until then, Happy Holidays and a great start in 2015 everyone!

PS: Want to help us make this happen? E-mail us at contact@cssconf.eu for sponsorship opportunities in 2015.

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