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Announcing Rachel Andrew, Jina Bolton and Jed Schmidt

We are excited to confirm the first speakers of this year’s CSSconf EU: Meet Rachel Andrew, Jina Bolton, who will introduce you to CSS Grid Layout and discuss Living Design Systems. And of course: Our host Jed Schmidt!  

Rachel Andrew

Rachel Andrew is a web developer, speaker, writer and Managing Director over at edgeofmyseat.com. She is also a CSS Grid Layout module superfan. It’s the layout method she’s been waiting for ever since she started dabbling in CSS for layout in the late 90s. In her talk “CSS Grid Layout” Rachel will show you how CSS Grid Layout works, and explain why you should become a fan of Grid Layout too.

Jina Bolton

Jina Bolton is well known in the community as the lead of Team Sass Design, the organizer of The Mixin, and through her contributions to Susy. As a Senior Product Designer at Salesforce UX, Jina designs and develops systems and patterns across multiple teams. Her talk “Living Design Systems” explores how to employ a styleguide to stay productive and consistent across devices and platforms, both in design and development.

Jed Schmidt

There’s only one person who can introduce a conference entirely in CSS, and that person is Jed Schmidt. He kicked of last year’s CSSconf EU and gave us unforgettable memories such as ze index. We are very happy to inform you that Jed Schmidt will return as host to guide you through the program of CSSconf EU 2014.

This is just the beginning! More speakers to be announced soon on our website and our Twitter

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