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Meet the CSSconf EU Host: Jed Schmidt

When not working on UNIQLO’s upcoming mobile website, Jed enjoys singing barbershop harmonies, competing in pun contests, and introducing conferences entirely in CSS. Jed is also co-organizing the popular monthly meet up BrooklynJS. Before his life as a developer, he was a Japanese translator.

As our host again this year, Jed will guide you through the program. 

What’s the most challenging part of being a conference host?

Aside from churning out more corny CSS jokes? For me the hardest part is coming up with speaker intros on the fly that segue smoothly between talks. I usually interview the next speaker while the current one is speaking, and try to craft a few words that provide the audience enough context to be meaningful, without giving away too much and overlapping the speakers’ content. It’s at once a lot of work, and a great crash course in the cutting edge of the industry.

What do you like most about conferences and community events in general?

I moved to Brooklyn last year, and figured the best way to meet folks in the community was to run my own meetup. So I started BrooklynJS, and it’s become pretty popular. Organizing regular events involves a lot of unglamorous and invisible work, but it’s been worth it. New York is an overwhelming place to live, so slicing out a little corner of it every month for the same tech, on the same day, in the same place makes it feel more like a small town.


If you did not work in the web, what else would be your profession?

This actually isn’t hard for me to imagine, since the web is actually my second career. I was a full-time freelance Japanese translator until I jumped ship a few years ago, and haven’t looked back. That said, I think I’d be happy with any craft that balances creativity and pragmatism, finding new ways to make simple and useful things.

You can follow Jed on Twitter and check out his website jed.is.


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