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Meet the CSSconf EU Speakers: Stoyan Stefanov

Stoyan Stefanov is a speaker, author (JavaScript Patterns, Object-Oriented JavaScript, contributor to Even Faster Web Sites and High-Performance JavaScript) and blogger. His previous projects include YSlow 2.0 and Smush.it image optimizer, and currently he focuses on the performance of social plugins at Facebook.

Besides being busy speaking at conferences, what are you working on at the moment?

Writing code, reviewing code. Making all Facebook social plugins (e.g. Like button) as fast as they can possibly be. Learning to fly a plane. Riding the bike along the beach to/from work. Failing to find willpower to write another book. Working on the second Anaconda Limousine CD. This is a band where I play guitar. Please don’t look at the website, it’s embarrassing.

Have you been to Berlin before, and what are you looking forward to the most?

Yes, I came for JSConf a few years ago. I loved the city so much, I missed my plane back.

Then last summer I brought my family in the summer. Twice. Before and after a wedding near Dresden. Driving on a highway with no speed limits - priceless!

Berlin has a very special feel for me, being raised at the end of communist Bulgaria. The place where the East meets the West - a wall! I’m not aware of any better history lesson, ever, other than visiting remains of the wall and contemplating what it represents.

Looking forward to seeing more old and new sights of the great city and its people. Hoping to find a few more non-touristy spots.

If you would not work in the web, what else would be your profession?

Musician. Of the rock star type. Performing and traveling and visiting… Berlin!

Will you attend any of the fringe events, and if yes, which ones?

Of course! As many as I can. RejectJS for sure, it’s always awesome.

Do you remember the first project you wrote CSS for?

Certainly. It’s like your first kiss, hard to forget. It was a website for my girlfriend, now wife. a:hover blew my mind!

What do you like most about giving talks at conferences?

Talking to people between the talks, especially the type of people who come to attend JSConf/CSSConf. Don’t care much about other speakers, haha!

You can follow Stoyan on twitter, buy his books (JavaScript for PHP Developers, JavaScript Patterns, Object-Oriented JavaScript), or read his recent articles on his blog.


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