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Thank you – This was CSSconf EU 2014

Communities are where we share our passion and excitement, where ideas, projects and friendships are born. Conferences, if they succeed, create and foster such communities: They bring people together, make small ideas big by enabling collaboration. They unite the best and brightest minds of the community with the energy and thirst for knowledge of every single attendee.

Take a look back and watch the CSSconf EU 2014 video:

In September 2014, CSSconf EU happened for the second time in Berlin, Germany. People from more than 20 countries came together and celebrated a day of inspiring talks and hanging out with people who work on the same problems. What makes us proud are the lasting friendships, the projects and ideas that come out of discussions at CSSconf, and the people who carry on the CSSconf spirit:

Karolina, who took the CSSconf idea to Oakland, California. Ali, who decided to run a meetup and change the community in Iran. Jane, who got inspired to start a group to empower young women working in the field in Kenya.

Check out photos of CSSconf EU 2014 here, here, here, here.

CSSconf wouldn’t be possible without the help of our volunteer team. They spent many sunny summer weekends to make the website come alive. They worked through the night to get stickers and shirts printed in time. They got up at 5 in the morning to set up the venue and welcome you with a smile at the registration desk.

We’re grateful for their hard work, and will try to list every single one of them, to give back a little bit of the love we received, and to make the people visible that are vital to the community.

While all these people, including the organizers, are volunteers, the cost of CSSconf still exceeds the earnings that it makes from ticket sales. Flying in international speakers, catering quality food, having a high-end, accessible venue, recording all talks… is expensive – and our sponsors help us to make it possible. We are grateful to be supported by amazing companies that care about community events, and helped us to put on CSSconf EU 2015:

CSSconf 2015!

CSSConf EU 2015 will take place on Saturday, September 26, 2015. Ticket sales start on February 3. We’ll have more details for you early next year – until then, Happy New Year!

PS: Want to help us make this happen? E-mail us at contact@cssconf.eu for sponsorship opportunities in 2015.

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