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Where to stay when travelling to CSSconf EU

Travelling to CSSconf EU from outside of Berlin and need a place to stay for the night? Whether you prefer to stay at a hotel or rather like private accommodation: Here are our tips and recommendations.

Stay right next to the venue

If you like to stay as close as possible to our venue, Radialsystem V, we recommend booking a room at Ibis Ostbahnhof. Not because it is the fanciest hotel around (it isn’t), but because it is literally right next to our venue – as in the next house. You’ll be able to walk from the conference entrance to your room in a minute. This is also the hotel where speakers and staff will be staying.

We expect the hotel to book out quickly, as likely many attendees will stay there for Reject JS, CSSconf EU and JSconf EU – so make your reservation now.

The room rates with the CSSConf EU code are:

  • Single Room - 81 €
  • Double Room - 96 €

Reviews say the rooms are smallish, so you may want to consider a double room even if you are by yourself. Breakfast is not included, but there will be tasty breakfast and coffee served at CSSconf. The rates do include Wi-Fi.

To book the room for the above rate, call +4930257600 and mention the code MOS14. It does not work through online booking. You may also email h3108@accor.com.

Other options

If you prefer your accommodation to be a bit out of the conference trouble, we collected a few great hotels that are a nice 20 minute walk down the river from our venue. Read more on our info page.

If none of those fit your needs, check out HRS or private accommodation options like AirBnB or Couchsurfing. Keep in mind that our venue in centrally located in Berlin right next to a major train station, and public transportation runs often and reliably, so don’t worry about the location too much if you like to stay in another part of the city.

Team up with other attendees

Last but not least: We encourage attendees to meet and help each other out. If you like to socialize: Do you have a free couch or guest room, don’t mind sharing a hotel room, or can offer a ride from another city to Berlin for a fellow attendee? Also, if you are in need of a place for the night or rides to the event, let us know. Tweet @cssconfeu and use the hashtag #cssconfeu. We’d be happy to spread the word!


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