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CSSconf EU is a conference dedicated to the designers and developers who build the world’s most engaging user interfaces. The conference focuses on the latest technologies, cutting edge techniques and tools related to CSS, with design, usability and performance as common themes. CSSconf creates a platform for the the young and evolving community around CSS, and gathers an international audience – always focused on intimacy instead of volume, quality instead of quantity.

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CSSconf EU is a not-for-profit conference that holds itself up to high standards of community, open knowledge and diversity. All money raised through sponsorships is used to make the conference special: Sponsors enable us to go beyond the basics and add social events, host speakers who aren’t backed by a company, offer free tickets to local tech education groups, publish free videos, and create a great experience for our speakers and attendees. Whether your goal is brand exposure, recruiting, or product launch: We can associate your company with something that has a positive impact on the web design and front end community. Our sponsorships come with free tickets to the conference, and we encoruage your team to attend the day and come back with new ideas, inspiration, and contacts.

E-mail us at contact@cssconf.eu to request our sponsor prospectus, or discuss your individual requirements. We love cool ideas that are out of the ordinary. They make CSSconf EU even better!